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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003


Pictured below is one of my little insect like characters i make out of cutting and forming sheet metal.  This one is brass , a ruff cut template for envisioining a final version out of a more valuable and attractive metal like gold or silver. This version was started last year and recently completed in terms of the shape.  I am having fun putting him different places and making his fingers and toes grab hold. i say "him" because often, though not always, these miniature sculpture works are self portraits. Read more for images of other miniature sculptures.

"Wanderer"  pierced and formed brass 2" tall

"She Cries"  pierced hollow formed and etched copper 1990 2.5" tall

"Little Creeper"  pierced and formed steel 1991   (stolen work) 2" tall

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Anonymous wrote 9 years 2 weeks ago

I have to use crutches all the time now

I feel bad. My legs are much better [eczema]; but, found out today I have severe osteoporosis and must use crutches everyday for the rest of my life because I cannot afford to fall and to break a bone. The osteoporosis is in my lumbar spine and left hip. What a bummer! :-( The doctor says it is good I am physically active and wants me to continue with the running, racewalking, resistance training and stretching; but, on crutches. I live in the country with lots of dirt roads and acre of land being constantly resurfaced by my doggies [digging new holes/filling up old holes and I cannot see to avoid the hazards]. Osteoporosis runs in the female members of my family and I got it too. Doc has prescribed Phosphomax 75 mg for it, which might cause some mild, transitory joint pain as the med takes the calcium from my bloodstream and forces it into my bones. This is not good news for a hyperactive person such as myself! Maybe because I was physically inactive for 2 years because of my legs? Maybe returning to an active life will help to stay the prognosis of the disease? Here's hoping! ;-)

Now it is even more important than ever that I learn as much as I can from you about crutch use!

Got your DVD, 'Translation from Pavement' and have watched it at least a half dozen times. Just love it and your dancing [I also like dancing on crutches but have never done breakdancing though I do, and always have, enjoyed watching it—only thing I ever did as a kid was limbo dancing].

Am most anxious to receive the other 2 DVDs I ordered.

Also, noted on the back of 'Translations …' a DVD I would dearly love to have—'Sketchy'! Do you sell it?

Told Doc about you, where to find you, how wonderful you are and that I had learnt a lot from your videos and she told me not to try breakdancing! :-)

Bill, you are an absolute genius and such an excellent aerial performer on crutches … totally awesome! I was lucky to find someone like you I could learn from! Your street performances are like a ballet; and, you are so expressive—better than any mime I've ever seen—saying so much with your body; speaking reams. But, when you do talk, you also speak reams, have a very nice voice and are so funny [humourous]! For example, when you tried to do a right leg thread/cross; and, came down simply with the crutch on the floor, I felt that was not what you intended to do. But; then, you got down on the floor, shaking your hands as though you were very agitated or going into a temper tantrum; and, asked whether anyone had caught your 'flub-up'. They said, no.

Would like to learn much more of what you do with crutches and get as many of your DVDs as I can!

Pray you can always be active for many, many, more decades to come. We need you!

Thanks for everything,