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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

Linoleum Session 1.0


This work Linoleum Session was created to document my relationship to the two major cultural influences represented within my singular form of movement. Those influences being skating and breaking. Linoleum is the symbol of breaking and the crutch tips markings on the surface of the linoleum symbolize the relationship of skating to surfaces used for other purposes. The linoleum artifact featured in the pieces symbolized the fact that I dance in a circle with other dancers sharing the rhythm while simultaneously representing the skaters technicality in relationship to an object that I use for mobility. The markings left behind on the linoleum from the crutch tips detail the arching trajectory of the crutches while also standing out as a mark of difference.  The video installaiton aspect of the installation featured two channels of video each screening the same manuever repeated. One screen showed only successful attempts while the other showed only failed attempts. The idea of sharing the success to failure ratio of the manuever was to give my unique practice grounding in the history of action sports while also commenting on how physical failure in the context of physical disability is offset by the nature of the movement being witnessed. The video aspect of this work became its own series called Attempts. The video below is of a successful attempt at the extremely difficult combination move "sweeper kickout" to "crossed-up heel-hold" to "no-handed rotation". This footage was featured as part of the original Linoleum Session installation I chose this move due to its high rate of failure.