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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

Regarding The Fall

Regarding The Fall is a conceptual work of art that exists in several media and contexts simultaneously. It is a series of live street performances in urban areas. It is a series of video documentations of a small number of said street performances. It is a series of stage performances in which the artist dissects the events within the street performances that were recorded on video by using the playback of the video in a point and clik frame by frame manner while supplying a live narrative of what is happening in each frame to the audience. Through this focus on detail within the frame the artist treats the subject matter of events within the street performances on video as a form of verifiable proof to his invented lexicon that defines phenomenology apparent within the videos. In effect the artist uses the video to share a form of performance based sociological anthropology in which new phenomena are discovered and labeled and defined. Thus Regarding The Fall is also a series of writings that introduce an invented lexicon to identify phenomenology that occur within sociological anthropological performance works in public space.

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