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Topic “2D”

Spring 2013

My plate is full this year with multiple ongoing projects. The Rex "project" mentioned below several months ago has stabilized after 6 months of staggeringly little sleep ( or awake-ness ) and I am happy to share with you that the Rexy continues to payoff in a myriad of very small beautiful ways and I am BACK!

BILL SHANNON, whatiswhat.com, disability, dance, performance art

ABOVE: Limited Edition Lithographic Print by Bill Shannon, "I Will Dance With Strangers" 2012 I have ten of these for sale.

Barnum Parade 2012 / For The Love of Circus

I have always loved photgraphing people since my very first Black Plastic Kodak Instamatic Rectangular box. Accidently encountering the P.T. Barnum Parade was a treat. There were no animals in the Parade.

bill shannon photography 2012

ABOVE: P.T. Barnum Parade 2012 / Drumcore

Skateboard Graphic Strategy To Validate Medical Usage

Bill Shannon RJD2 WORK IT OUT VISA FLOW Crutchmaster whatiswhat.com

ABOVE: Painted Skateboard Griptape Graphics To Communicate medical usage of Crutches with a Skateboard To Complete Strangers. The graphics emulate existing color and symbols in public space for safety boundaries and disabled people. I also added the Red Cross with MED written inside it to further reinforce the message. Normally graphics are painted on the bottom of the board and the tops are black griptape. Communicating through symbols from the top of the board is a very useful way to answer questions without them being asked.


Greetings dear Readers. It has been far too long since I have last posted here. If you have been with me since the beginning then you are well aware that I do have these long breaks between posts. This site is not really a bloggers site, in the blogger sense of blogging daily, but rather an artist's site that starts and stops and starts again with a regular irregularity.

bill shannon whatiswhat intaglio disability performance art crutchmaster

ABOVE: "Keep Dancing" Intaglio Ink Print on Archival Paper 8x10 2012

2001: thisiswhatiswhat

bill shannon, whatiswhat, thisiswhatiswhat,


bill shannon, whatiswhat, thisiswhatiswhat,



Tetrapak Creations 1.1 : Acquisition Processing and Storage

In my haste to post up the step by step of breaking down a tetrapak I skipped over the various phases I have ongoing with my tetrapaks. The easiest way is to process them as they come. Taking on a bulk load or waiting till you have a bulk load is more daunting and might cause your tetrapak dedication to waver. Many restaurants throw these away ten or twenty a day. If your partner is a foodie like mine then there will be no shortage of these amazing little boxes.

BILL SHANNON, WHATISWHAT, recycle, reuse, environmental art

ABOVE: three of the most common sizes I encounter. Note that the larger tetrapak on the left was processed later in my tetrapak journey as the edges are clean. The tetrapaks to the right were processed early on and reflect a certain ignorance as to the importance of clean edges.

Processing tetrapaks is not fun but the end result is well worth it. after the jump I show the various states of tetrapaks in my possession

Good Morning, I Love You

bill shannon, william shannon, whatiswhat, art, photography, video installation

ABOVE: pillow with arrow indication of where my dreams may have taken place

Illustrated Note on "The Condition Arriving" Phenomena



ABOVE: original notebook scan. Illustrated Notes on Cultural Phenomenology; The Condition Arriving and notions of invisibility within its context. I have posted this same image in the 2D section of this site but it is cleaned up of all the writing.


Bill Shannon, Performance Art, whatiswhat,

ABOVE: A graphic I created for a project that I never realized .. a project about personal space in the digital era.. the title was "mywirelessistouchingyou" I think the graphic is pretty cool, not stellar or anything just funny and provocative.

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